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Hello, my name is Sorin and I'm the author of pretty much all the articles on this website.

The story of this site begins in the 90s when my passion for aviation made me think I should start writing down some articles about some of the most known combat planes and helicopters in the world. During 1997 I took the decision of writing a series of articles starting with a handful of well-known modern jet fighters such as F-16 and others like it.

Before starting, I basically had two major dillemas. The first was the language in which those articles should be written and the second was the format in which they should be written and saved for the future. Everyone I talked to at the time about the subject strongly advised me to write them in Romanian, as they could not see the reason or purpose to write them in English. Who would read them in English ? they asked me. However I had a strong desire to start writing them in English in order to reach a global audience and share opinions with aviation fans all over the world. Therefore, contrary to all the advices I've received, I begun writing my articles in English.

My second dillema was the format. During the mid 90s access to the Internet was still scarese in Romania, in start contrast to what it would become some 15 years later (fastest Internet in Europe and top 5 worldwide Internet speed). However what was widely available for me as well as for my friends were PC's and Microsoft Word. I almost started writing my articles in Microsoft Word format, since it was easier to write, embed pictures and share with my friends. However, I thought, what is the point of writing an endless array of .doc files to keep on my PC ? Especially when they would be in English and many Romanians at the time, especially older aviation engineers who learned Russian and French in school during the communist era, did not understand English in the first place. Besides, what will I do with all those .doc files, save them on floppy disks and take them to other people's PC's for saving and reading ? Ridiculous !

So began my endeavor to publish them in a Web format. I did not know much about the Internet at the time and very few people had constant access to the Internet during those days. There was only one public internet cafe in the town where I lived at the time, it had 6 PC's and most of the time enough customers to use only 3 of them. However, one of the most important thing to keep in mind when building long-term projects is the future. Even if during the 90s the Internet was scarse and websites were few and simple, I've always had the feeling that the technology will explode and one day billions of people will have access to the Internet and every company will have its own website.

Therefore, I saved a copy of the help page of a game called Hexen II and looked at its source to see how it was written. It's funny that I never played the game who's help page has inspired me to format my first articles, but that's how it started. Soon after I was writing headlines, paragraphs, added links and images, and by 1998 the Sorin Aircraft Website 1.0 was born. The site included a single page listing links and separate sections for articles, first around 5, then 20, then a few dozens. Soon enough the page began to be too long for a comfortable reading, so I had to split it into several pages for various sections (Fighters, Helicopters, Transport aircraft, etc).

Soon thereafter the pages were published online, on a free GeoCities account.

As the number of articles as well as the number of pages grew, a new "interior order" was imposed on the site, resulting in the Sorin Aircraft Website 2.0. Soon after that, the primitie inline HTML 1.0 code slowly started to be replaced with HTML 2.0 coding and use of css was implemented as well.

The people I have consulted with regarding the publishing details of the articles were still not happy, they never really understood why I wrote them in English and I was even called a "snob" for writing them in English and not in Romanian. As years passed by however, they admitted I took the right decision to put them in a website rather than in Microsoft Word.

From the international point of view, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive however I was shocked at first to find out that so many of my visitors never heard of Romania at all, and those who heard about is did not know much, or in some cases had completely eronous information about it. Some asked if the country is in the Middle East, many said the capital was Budapest and others asked if the landscape is mostly desert. As a result, a Romania section was added, comprising of various information regarding the country, including maps, history, economy, military, statistics data as well as a photo gallery.

While participating at various aviation events such as airshows, airbase visits, conferences, etc I was happy and surprized to find visitors of my sites which have read my pages and even had them on their browser's bookmark. Phrases like "Really, you're the Sorin who made the blue [at the time] MiG-21 page? I love that page! And your Puma [IAR-330 Puma] article too !" showed me that publishing my articles in Web format was the correct choise to make.

The site stayed on GeoCities for about 10 years, during which it received well over 100,000 hits and hundreds of emails from across the world. People of all ages, walkes of life and continents wrote feedback which was positive in almost 100% of the cases. I was actually surprized of the number of hits and feedback I received in the initial years. During the early 2000's most of my pages were displayed on the first result page of Yahoo!, Altavista and Google search engines while searching for very common aircraft (such as F-16, MiG-29 or Su-27). I have to admit that at the time I did not hope for such a great and especially quick success.

The years passed by, GeoCities was closed in October 2009 and the site was moved to its current location. Meanwhile the site grew a lot, a news section was added and the number of articles and images has constantly increased across the years. Currently, you are navigating through the Sorin Aviation Website version 7.0.

This is a large website which is composed of hundreds of articles and hundreds of images as well. Considering the site of the site, please bare in mind that only a single person maintains it during his free time, so things may not always be perfect. If you have any inconveniance you can always contact me with your feedback, may it be positive or negative.

In the end, I hope you will enjoy surfing through the articles on this website and I hope it will add new information to your knowledge of aircraft and aviation.

The author, Sorin

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