Information about the McDonnell-Douglas A4 Skyhawk

A-4 Skyhawk McDonnel-Douglas
A-4 Skyhawk

The A4 Skyhawk is an American jet fighter developed in the 1960s, which today still sees action in developing countries.
Some of the Air Forces that still operate the A-4 are the Israeli Air Force, Brazillian Air Force, Chilean Air Force, New Zealand Air Force, etc.
Even though today's upgraded A-4 Skyhawks have digital fly-by-wire systems, those systems do not limit the turns of the fighter to 9.0 G, and that's why A4 pilots sometimes take 9.5 G turns, which is not only very dangerous, but also painful.
The pilots use to joke when talking about their A-4s, they say that the most advanced thing in the A-4 is the watch on the pilot's hand.