LTV A-7 Corsair II

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A-7 Corsair II

A-7 Corsair IIs coming for a carrier landing
You can notice the hook which has been released by all 3 fighters.

The A-7 Corsair II is the Navy's version of the F-8 Cruisader.
That undertake was also incorporated into the X-32 version for the Joint Strike Fighter, made by Boeing. The X-32 however, lost the competition against the Lockheed X-35, which then became the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
The LTV A7 Corsair II is one of the many examples of aircraft who's nicknames are already attributed to other aircraft, like :
F4U Corsair, F4D Skyray, F4G Wild Weasel, F8F Bear, Tu95 Bear, F8F Corsair, A7 Corsair II, P38 Lightning, YF22 Lightning II, F-35 Lightning II, F9 Panther, F9F Cougar, Su27-Su33K Flanker, Su34-Su37 SuperFlanker, P47 Thunderbolt, A10 Thunderbolt, A10 Thunderbolt II, B1B Lancer and MiG-21 Lancer, etc.
Nicknamed by the Navy pilots, as "the short, bulky guy", the A-7 saw some combat action in the last part of the Vietnam war. Afterwards, it was kept in active service throughout the 1980's, until the end of the Cold War.
Then, in the late 90's, a short, bulky guy, passed quiently into forgetness...