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Vietnam. Probably one of the most famous wars in history, the war in Vietnam was a breakthrough concearning aviation technology and military technology in general.
US troops around the figure of 500,000 combatants sweep the Southern part of the country, below the 38th parallel to find and anihilate various factions of communist rebel guerillas known as Viet Kong and some NVA reggulars.
Probably the most efficient weapon of the war was the helicopter.
At that time, helicopters were still relatively new and the US operate in Vietnam alone more than 20 times more UH1H Iroqoius (commonly known by the troops as "Huey") than all the countries of the world taken together (all the choppers ever built elsewhere).
However the Huey, being the first widely-used (combat) chopper had a lot of good and revolutionary characteristics (and was to my opinion and not only, one of the world's best engineering craftsmanships ever developed), but also a small aray of deficits, like lack of field combat resistence (to ground fire) and insufficient weapons (even for the Huey gunships).
As such, the US Armed Forces decided to develop a new concept, called the "attack helicopter".
The first attack helicopter in the world was the Huey Cobra hibrid between the Huey and a funny-looking new design, which didnt lasted long as the real first attack helicoptered entered the scene after, called AH1 Cobra.
The Cobra behaved remarcably well, when used by the USMC in cooperation with special forces members from all the other weapons.
However, after the war in Vietnam, the Cobra now faced a new threat, the one of other country's newly developed attack helicopters, such as the Soviet Mi24 Hind.

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Therefore, it is justified to state that the Apache's contribute to the Gulf War of 1991 was absoultely crucial.

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Poland to build under license the obsolete AH1W SuperCobra