Sorin An-124 Ruslan Page

no photos Sorry, pictures yet to come with the amazing An-124


The Antonov An-124-100 is an absolutely huge cargo plane.
It has no less than 6.5 meters in height, and it is 4.5 meters wide. It has four engines which provide it with a total of 87,000 kilograms of thrust. Those engines consume fuel at an amazing rate of 15 tones, or 18,000 litres, per hour. No wonder the An-124-100 has a fuel tank capacity of 280 tons, or one million litres.
An-124-100 has a landing gear which is composed of 24 tyers, and is operated by a crew of 22 people. All these things combined, make a flight with the An-124-100 cost tens of thousands of UK pounds.
And what exactly would fit into this amazing "monster-cargo" ? Well, if you are the owner of a car racing team, you can fit the following:

  • 5 support trucks
  • 5 more supply cars
  • 3 race cars, and
  • 2 helicopters,

all of them into one An-124-100 plane.
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