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The most longevive aircraft in history is still flying in active service in more than 50 countries

The Antonov An-2, a piece of history and a jewelry of aviation

An-2 Romanian Air Force An-2TP

Antonov   An-2  Technical  Data
Superior wing span 18.175 m ? ft
Inferior wing span 14.236 m ? ft
Passanger door height 1.41 m ? ft
Passanger door width 0.81 m ? ft
Engine 4-blade propeller with variable pass, 1050 HP engine with 9 cylinders in a star arrangement
Empty Weight 3,350 kg ? lbs
Maximum Weight 5,500 kg ? lbs
Fuel tank capacity 1200 l, 6x 200 l fuel tanks ? g
Fuel 91 (95) aviation fuel
Oil 80 l ? g
Fuel consumption 175 l/h ? g/h
Maximum speed 250 km/h ? knots
Cruise speed 170 km/h ? knots
Jump speed (parachutist launch speed) 120-150 km/h ? knots
Maximum ceiling 4500 - 5000 m ? ft

This wonder of Aviation, this magnificient aircraft, the oldest design still flying in active service, in all the areas of aviation, is quite a remarcable aircraft.
Antonov An-2 is still in active service in more than 50 countries, and it performs duties ranging from Air Force active service, parachutist launching, agricultural spraying, even transport activities, air club activities, sight-seeing flights, etc etc etc.
The An-2 is a biplane built with a metalic structure covered in cloth. It has room for 12 passangers plus three members of the crew: pilot, co-pilot and flight mechanic.

Parachuting installations

  • Optical and acustic signaling devices ;
  • Detachable and convertable lateral chairs ;
  • Longitudinal cables (for parachute hatching) ;
  • Altimeter ;
  • Stop-watch (chronometer) ;
  • Lateral windows ;
  • Rubber threshold ;
  • Fire protection ;
An-2The author in a Romanian Airclub An-2, 1999
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