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The C-141 Starlifter fulfills the vast spectrum of airlift requirements through its ability to airlift combat forces over long distances, deliver those forces and their equipment either by air, land or airdrop, resupply forces, and transport the sick and wounded from the hostile area to advanced medical facilities.

There are two models, namely the C-141A and the C-141B Starlifter. The B model is basically a stretched C-141A, with an added in-flight refueling capability. The stretching of the Starlifter consisted of lengthening the plane by 7 meters. The added length increased the C-141 cargo capacity by about a third, thus gaining an extra 62 cubic meters. The lengthening of the aircraft had the same overall effect as increasing the number of aircraft by 30 percent. The C-141A, built between 1963 and 1967, was Air Mobility Command's first jet aircraft designed to meet military standards as a troop and cargo carrier. The development of the B model was the most cost-effective method of increasing AMC's airlift capability. The C-141C includes the addition of advanced avionics.

Although C-141 Starlifters, probably from the Reserve, flew during and after the Second Gulf War, apparently none remain in active service today.

Several C-141 Starlifters have been spotted at Mihail Kogalniceanu AFB, Constanta, Romania, in 2005.

However, no aircraft were on active duty in may 2006, while 20 of them were stored by the Air Force Reserve.