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C-47 Dakota

C-47 Dakota

Year of production:


Models known:
C-47, C-47A, C-47B, C-47C, C-47D, C-47E, C-47F Dakota
C-47D Skytrain
C-47TP Turbo Dakota
C-53 Skytrooper
Lisunov Li-2 Cab

C-47 Dakota was the backbone of allied airlift operations during World War Two. Several thousands of aircraft have been built, and they were heavily employed throughout the war. C-17's participated at the largest airborne operation in history, the invasion of France, together with towed gliders and other aircraft.

Several C-47's still exist in the US and other countries, preserved by aircraft enthuziasts and some of them even fly at local or vintage airshows every year. Chances are you are likely to see them in the US more than anywhere else.