Information about the F105 Thunderchief

F-105 Thunderchief Typical for that period: a fuselage that reminds of F104, F111, F4 Phantom, F5, etc, a lot of bombs launched all in the same time and missiles in the belly for dogfighting

The F105 Thunderchief could carry 5t of payload, more than a B17 Flying Fortress.
Nicknamed "the Thud" from the sound it made when it was hit by a primitive vietnamese-operated SA-2 and SA-3 SAM, later "thud" was changed to describe the sound it makes when landing on the carrier.
F-105 Thunderchief was a huge aircraft, and it registered the highest loses during the entire war in Vietnam.

F-105 Thunderchief

At one point, so many pilots have been lost, that the US Air Force had to recrute young teenagers and put them inside the cockpit of the F105, simply because there were no other pilots available anymore

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