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F-111 Aardvark

F111 Aardvark

tactical and nuclear strike fighter-bomber for Air Force

Max speed:
2400 km/h

Other Info:
won the competition against TSR-2 which has never entered active service after losing the contract for the US and Australian Air Forces

Models known:
F111A, F111B, F111C Aardvark,
EF-111 Raven

F-111 Aardvark was mainly used for nuclear detearance during the Cold War.
However this program was the one who "killed" the amazing TSR2 program, due to Australia's decision to buy the F-111.

F-111 AFTI

In the early 70s, the americans discovered that the russians were having more advanced fighters than they thought before.
That's why the F14 Tomcat was no longer considered good for the USAF, and a new fighter was developed.

F-111 IPCS


F-111 TACT

F-111 TACT