Information about the General Motors F6F Hellcat

no photos Sorry, no pictures with the Hellcat, but I can say that at the time, General Motors dedicated to the Hellcat a whole factory site, and that thoundsans of them were made

The General Motors F6F Hellcat is a serious update of the Wildcat, and they were both intensively used in Vietnam.
As one GM official said : "At the time, the US government asked us to produce a fighter for the country, and we did it; and if today they would ask us the same thing, we will do it again, as well as any time in the future to help defending our country".
But problems were also emerging in the process: Americans like big, ruggage and heavy cars, so GM, as well as Chrysler, Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Mustang and every other american car manufacture has made a tradition of building huge cars with huge 8 litres engines.
However, at an aircraft, lighter means better, so General Motors had a real concept problem making the Hellcat light and airodynamic, but they succeeded, so Vietnam met another fighter, in its turbulent hystory.

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