Information about the F8F Bear and the F-8 Cruisader

F-8F Bear

F8F Bear

Maximum speed:

This is the F8F Bear, but the most famous plane designated F-8 is the F-8 Cruisader. This is one of the many common name sharing cases.

Models known:
F8, F8F

The F8F Bear proppeler single engine propulsed aircraft was used in the Vietnam war, and it could take-off from the aircraft carriers very easily.
The fighters were fitted with modern air-air and air-ground missiles, but at the end of the war, while fighters like the F-14 Tomcat arrived, all the propeller fighters were drivven out from the Navy. The Navy's hate for single engine aircraft has already eliminated the F8F Bears and the F-9 Panthers off the carriers, and the future belongs since then to twin-engines fighters.

However, the Joint Strike Fighter for the Navy will be a single engine single seater, so, hystory realy has its turns... !

F-8 Crusader

F-8 Crusader