Information about the Grumman F9F Panther

F-9 Panther

F-9F Panther/Cougar

F9F Panther

Universal Fighter for Navy

Maximum speed:

Other Info:
Enters scene in the Korean war, just when the Air Force was about to exterminate almost all the navy's aircraft carriers and the Congress stopped all the funding for navy's special-built aircraft.

Models known:
F9, F9F

The Northrop-Grumman F9 panther was a single engine jet interceptor and universal fighetr used by the US Navy in the Vietnam war.
The F-9 Panther had no less than 78,000 missions in Korea. It's updated version, the F-9F Cougar had a 40% longer range and was almoust 160km/h faster than the classic Panther.
Even though the F-9F Panther had 3,400 kg payload, it often flew with 3,900 kg of payload during combat.
However, as the Navy's hate for single engine aircraft increased, late in the war the arrival of the F-14 Tomcat was the end for the F-9 Panther.