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Fighter aircraft - the Spirit within

Newton said that for any applied force, there is an opposite force with the same power counteracting against the applied force.
That's why propellers rotating against an aircraft make the thrust necessary to move that aircraft forward.
The invention of the aerplane, patented in April 1903 by Romanian engineer Traian Vuia, the first flight of a vehicle heavier than air which took off by its own power (may 1906 - Traian Vuia), as well as the invention of the jet engine (Romanian engineer Henri Coanda in 1910) and the helicopter (Russian Igor Sikorsky) have completely transformed the world we live in today. Hello, my name is Sorin A Crasmarelu and I welcome you to my personal web sites network about aviation. You can find here anything from pictures with aeroplanes and helicopters to detailed information about them, and just about anything and everything about the wonderful world of flight

 Fighters Rule The Skies! Chose them by country

Russian Fighters
Sukhoi and L fighters

MiG and Yak fighters


American Fighters

- P series -

- F series -

- A series -

- T series -

  • T-28
  • T-32
  • T-33 Shooting Star
  • T-38

- High F series -

- E series -

- Experimental X -

  • X-1 Glamorous Glenna
  • X-2 (Mach 2)
  • X-3 Stiletto
  • X-10 Navajo
  • X-13 VertiJet
  • X-15 (Mach 7.2)
  • X-24 (lifting body)
  • X-29 (Fwd wings)
  • EFMX-31A
  • X-36 (UAV)
  • X-38 (space rescue)
  • X-45
  • X-47
  • X-50
  • X-55

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