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See the amazing flying machine that is the helicopter !

The helicopter is definetly the coolest flying machine

Forget the airplane ! The helicopter could do manoeuvres and go to places that the airplane could never dream to go !

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Information about the Mil Mi26

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The Mil Mi26 was, until early 1990s, a TOP SECRET helicopter, just like the MIG29 Fulcrum.
Mi26 is one of (if not just) the biggest helicopters in the world. It was designed to be a military helicopter, but post-cold-war russian economy is ready to sell it to the west nowadays.
The whole aircraft is absolutley huge ! It weights no less than 20 000 kg (20 t), as much as a light tank, and it can transport 80 soldiers. Its maximum take-off weight is 56 t (as much as an heavy, heavy, heavy tank...), and to lift this huge loadout into the heavens, the Mi26 has 8 huge blades, and each blade is 32m long... Its fuel tanks carry 14 000 l of fuel (3 698 gallons, 3 079 imperial gallons).
But today, the Mi26, as other ex-cold-war machines, has found itself many civilian tasks: it carries many geological instruments and a lot of other stuff that allows it to perform many usefull tasks.

Information about the Eurocopter Tigre

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Eurocopter Tigre. Its producers claimed that it's the most advanced helicopter in the world.
Eurocopter is a franco-german concern that produces military equipment, aspecially helicopters.
The Tigre's story begun when the European Union (UEO) decided that Western Europe Armed Forces needed a new attack helicopter, to carry their forces into the 21st century. The Eurocopter concern won the contest (probably against Augusta, Daimler-Benz, D'assault, Aerospatielle and other european helicopter producers), and its project was the Tigre. The Tigre is a helicopter build aspecially for the European landscape: it's small, compact, it has a sensor-center (with radar, FLIR, etc) on the top of the blades and it doesn't have a long-shaped fulege (like the Apache, Cobra, Roiiwalk, etc) because it's only built for fighting in the European hill-type landscape.
It was build to unite the European countries and armies, but in fact it did exactly the opposite : it broked Europe into 2 parts:
UK and Holland opted for the cheaper american AH64 Apache, while Germany and France opted for the Tigre. This was (and still is) an hot subject in the European Parliament.

Information about the Rooivalk attack helicopter

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The Roiiwalk is (at least from my point of view) one of the examples that shows the development process of the new South African Republic.
Other examples would be the upgrading of the Dakota, the making of the anti-land mines vehicle (an armored personnel transporder that is land-mines-proof, because of its specially designed deflecting fuselaj on the bely that actually deflects the shock-wave of the explosion {amazing, isn't it ?}), etc.
The Roiiwalk represents all that the South African army learned in 20 years of guerilla war: The aircraft can be easily rearmed and refueled in just 20 minutes, the vibrations are 100% eliminated in the cockpit and the 30mm cannon moves as the head of the pilot's moves.
The last thing they tooked from the Apache, but I am not aware of any other helicopter (military or not) who's had eliminated all the vibrations of the engines and rotor. The South Africans say that the pilots can now fly the thing for tens of hours, because having no vibrations means having no stress over the pilot's mind and body. An helicopter like that could stay on the battlefield virtually forever, stopping just for refueling, rearming and changeing the pilots.
South African Armed Forces say that it was build to replace the aging Mi24 Hind, who is in service in many African and Asian countries, and they already have export offers. Now that's what I call government reform !