Sorin MiG-27 Flogger Page

Born in the dark age of the Cold War, the MiG27 Flogger is the air-ground version of the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG23 Flogger. It also has a very pale service file, and it was very often shot down by F15 Eagles, F-16 Fighting Falcons and other fighters during various wars, conflicts and border incidents.


no photos Name :
MiG27 Flogger
Contractor :
Year of production :
Engines and thrust :
1* Tumanski
Maximum speed :
Mach 1.6
Models known :
MiG27A, MiG25B, MiG27C Flogger

This is a version of the MiG-23 optimized for the ground attack role, with a new nose, simpler engine intakes and nozzle, and other changes. These limit supersonic performance, but reduce cost, weight and fuel consumption.

no photos East MiG27M West MiG27J Flogger
Function : attack Crew : 1
Year of production : 1973
Engines and thrust :
1* 11,500 kgf Tumanski R-29-300
Wing Span : 14.25m/8.17m
Length : 16.00m Height : 4.50m
Wing Area : 27.25m2
Empty Weight : 10,790 kg
Maximum Weight : 20,100 kg
Maximum speed : 1700 km/h
Ceiling : 17,000 m
Armament : 1*g23mm Payload : 4000 kg

The MiG-23 is a compact fighter with variable sweep wings, which combines good performance with the ability to operate from small and rough airfields. It was developed in parallel with the MiG-23PD (which to see). The first production series was the MiG-23S, powered by a R-27 engine. The true production model was the MiG-23M, substantially redesigned and powered by an R-29 engine, later replaced by the R-35. The MiG-23 was a capable fighter but lacked a look-down, shoot-down capability. Over 5800 were built. This includes the MiG-23BN ground attack version. A more specialized ground attack version was the MiG-27.

no photos Type MiG23S Function : fighter Crew : 1
Year of production : 1969
Engines and thrust :
1* 10,000 kgf Khachaturov R-27M-300
Wing Span : 13.96m/7.78m
Length : 16.70m Height : unknown
Wing Area : 32.10m2/29.89m2
Empty Weight : unknown
Maximum Weight : unknown
Maximum speed : 1280 km/h
Ceiling : unknown
Range : 1800 km Payload : 4000 kg

Type: MiG-23MF 'Flogger-B'
Function: fighter
Year: 1974 Crew: 1 Engines: 1 * 12500kg Tumanski R-29B
Wing Span: 14.25m/8.17m Length: 16.80m Height: 4.35m Wing Area: 28m2
Empty Weight: Max.Weight: 20100kg
Speed: 2445km/h Ceiling: 18600m Range: 1300km
Armament: 1*g23mm