Big, heavy, slow. These would be the words of a fighter pilot for them
Sorin Aviation shows you the wonderful world of transport aircraft

Named by the fighter pilots as turtles of the skies, these big looking and slow moving aircraft are indispensable to any air force today, as wars are short, fought at long rang and require a high degree of mobility

The Russian transport aircraft The American transport aircraft

  • An-2 Colt
  • An-12 Cub
  • An-22 Cock
  • An-24 Coke
  • An-26 Curl
  • An-28 Cash
  • An-30 Clank
  • An-32 Cline
  • An-70
  • An-72 Coaler (Propfan)
  • An-124 Rusland (Condor)
  • An-225 Mrya
  • Il-14 Crate
  • Il-76 Candid
  • Air-to-air Refueling Aircraft
  • Il-78 Midas

  • Air-to-air Refueling Aircraft
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